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The Internet replaced higher education in the 21st century, but it still remains expensive due to credentialing.

Despite tuition for a Bachelor's degree rising to $100,000, most higher education programs produce the same results as teaching onesself. After all, Ivy League classes are mostly self-taught, but the difference between someone with no degree and someone with a Harvard degree is a diploma.

Hanhi sorts

With Hanhi, employers can create a competition to find the best ideas and people. Applicants get grouped into teams, perform an employers' task, then rate their peers in a method similar to the Ludum Dare before receiving a rank with their submission. A Hanhi competition allows everyone a chance to prove themselves, regardless of their background.

An Example

Acme Architecture wants to hire an architect. Plus, they want to improve a draft of one of their designs. Acme can create a Hanhi competition asking a team of employees or job applicants to fix their design. With Acme viewing each submission and its grade from the applicants, it can hire the best employees, get work done, and much more.

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With Hanhi, your company can

Hire efficiently

For only 99 cents per person, a Hanhi competition can look through hundreds of applicants.

Be a meritocracy

Hanhi grades its applicants with anonymity, allowing for equal opportunity.

Find good ideas

Large competitions can allow for massive brainstorming sessions.